Written by Amy Morton on June 16, 2023
I remember the days, when food controlled my mind, A never-ending cycle, of bingeing, feeling confined. I couldn't escape, the constant urge to eat, A battle within myself, that I couldn't defeat.

But something changed, a spark of hope, a light, I realized my family, too, struggled with this plight. A cycle passed down, generation to generation, A secret shame, a silent devastation.

I couldn't stand, to see them suffer any more, I had to break the cycle, and open up the door. I sought help, and found a way to heal, I learned to love myself, and to truly feel.

Now food no longer rules, my every waking thought, I am in control, my mind and body have been taught. And as I watch my family, also break free, I am grateful, for the recovery we can see.

We're not alone, in this fight against addiction, Together we can overcome, and make a true conviction. No longer will we hide, in shame and fear, We'll rise above, and live a life without peer.

So if you're struggling, know you're not alone, There's a way out, and a brighter future shown. Break the cycle, and take control, You deserve to live a life, happy and whole.

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Amy - The Binge Eating Recovery Coach

Amy specializes in supporting women in overcoming binge eating and associated challenges such as food cravings, obsessive thoughts, emotional eating, mood swings, and weight gain. Through her unique holistic and biochemical approach, Amy guides her clients in repairing addictive brain chemistry using natural methods. By addressing the root cause, Amy's methods offer a pathway to attain permanent freedom from binge eating.
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