We Transform Addictive Brain Chemistry,
NOT Willpower!
Experience real success: people like you, 
stopped binge eating, for good.
Just Like Drugs, Food Can Trigger The Same Addictive Brain Chemicals, Causing 
Binge Eating Disorder
Don't Settle for Temporary Fixes – Choose Lasting Recovery and Regain 
Control Over Food

Root-Cause Approach

Experience true transformation as you join the ranks of countless individuals who have permanently 
conquered binge eating by addressing the root cause: addictive brain chemistry.
 Discover proven solutions tailored to your unique biochemistry.

Unlock Your True Self With 
Brain Chemistry Repair

Break Free From The Chains:

Introducing the 
12-Week Binge Eating Recovery Program
An online, self-paced course for overcoming binge eating disorder and achieving food freedom. Our holistic approach addresses the root causes of binge eating and repairs addictive brain chemistry. Weekly 1:1 support ensures all your questions are answered and provides the accountability you need.  Join us to break free from the cycle of binge eating, reclaim your life, and experience transformation.

Key Benefits:
• Stop cravings and binging by breaking the biochemical chains of food enslavement.

Common Side Effects:
• Achieve a stable mood, tapping into calm, positivity, confidence, and resilience.
• Experience weight loss and unleash your energy, drive, and motivation.
• Become your best self, gain clarity in your purpose, and live authentically.
The Most Sustainable Way to Stop Binge Eating
CraveControl Therapy
Targeted neuro-nutrient compounds to balance your neurotransmitters and refuel your addictive
 brain chemistry.

Trusted By Science
Rooted in scientific research and evidence-based practices, utilizing proven methodologies from nutritional psychiatry.
Your Transformation Will Progress Through
 3 Levels
Mind. Body. Soul.
Balancing Brain Chemistry.
Restoring Biological Functioning.
Alchemizing the Self and Transcending the Soul.
Level 1 Foundation
• Understand the reasons behind your uncontrollable eating and the secret to a binge-free life
• Learn about the truth of food addiction and how to avoid becoming a statistic
• Break the cycle of addiction without harsh methods or restrictive diets
• Discover scientific findings for lifelong recovery often overlooked by conventional medicine
• Identify the 12 main causes of food cravings, binge eating, bad moods, and stubborn weight
• Become aware of the 6 foods linked to addictive behaviors and poor mental health

• Overcome cravings and eliminate binge eating without relying on willpower
• Harness the power of choice and regain control over your eating habits
• Explore the three proven tools for repairing the brain centers responsible for pleasure, cravings, obsession, and impulsivity
• Understand your unique biochemical brain type related to food addiction
• Customize and implement your personalized 12-week recovery plan

• Dive deeper into the scientific evidence behind why each brain type seeks pleasure or relief through food
• Explore the chemistry of calm, energy, willpower, happiness, and comfort
• Discover natural solutions tailored to your specific brain type
• Uncover your authentic self beneath the layers of addiction
• Experience mental and emotional stability, feeling in control of your eating
• Finish meals with a sense of ease, lightness, and nourishment
• Gain insight into moderation and the possibility of enjoying previously binge foods
• Experience "Aha" moments along the journey
• Naturally feel energized, motivated, calm, and emotionally stable

• Understand the impact of historical and modern dieting on your health
• Learn about the three essential medicinal nutrients for recovery
• Discover practical shopping and kitchen tips that suit your budget, time, and lifestyle
• Follow the recommended 12-week Eating for Recovery Guide to solidify biochemical restoration
Level 2 Advanced
• Assess the health of your body's main systems and their connection to mental health and addictions
• Restore balance to the digestive, immune, hormonal, urinary, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems
• Find holistic solutions to stubborn health problems and utilize accessible tests and treatments
• Experience improved sleep, reduced inflammation, and an elevated spirit
• Gain insight into commonly prescribed medications and explore safer alternatives
Level 3 Transcendence
• Access The Change Formula to achieve any goal
• Release limiting beliefs that contribute to judgment and shame
• Cultivate confidence, happiness, and inner peace on a daily basis
• Learn to love and appreciate yourself genuinely and become a positive person
• Feel seen, heard, respected, and cared for on a deep level
• Engage fully with others and enjoy quality time in the present moment
• Discover your true purpose and live a harmonious life as your best self, integrating body, mind, and soul.

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  • Discover Why We Don't Recover from Binge Eating Disorder in This Short E-Book

12 Week Binge Eating Recovery Program

Currently 40% On Sale

Online course
100 CAD
Biweekly for 6 weeks
  • Addictive Brain Chemistry Assessment
  • Eating for Recovery Food-Mood Guide, Meal Plan, Cookbook
  • Contains Discounted Neuro-Nutrient Trial Sample of All Five Brain Type-Targeted Neuro-Nutrient Compounds
  • Instructions & Support to Create Your Own Refueling Plan
  • 1:1 Weekly Accountability Check-ins to Ensure Brain Chemistry Repair
  • Food-Mood Journal
  • Finally Understand the Mechanisms Behind Your Particular Brain Chemical Imbalance and Achieve Food Control

Neuro-Nutrient Trial

trial pack
200 CAD
One Time Purchase
    • Addictive Brain Chemistry Assessment
    • Eating for Recovery Food-Mood Guide, Meal Plan, Cookbook
  • Contains a Mailed Sample of All Five Brain Type-Targeted Neuro-Nutrient Compounds
  • Instructions to Create Your Own Refueling Plan
Ready For Food Freedom?

98% of Students Report Self Control With Food:

"I now have control over food, I now have control over my life!"
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