Change Your Brain Chemistry,
Not Your Willpower

Stop Biochemical Binge Eating &
 Achieve Food Freedom

Rediscover And Come Home To Your True Self 

Do you remember who you were before you lost yourself through Food Addiction? 
Before the obsessive thoughts, powerful cravings, uncontrollable binging,
overwhelming weight gain, shame and regret?

The Binge Eating Recovery Program

Stop Food Addiction and Achieve True Fulfillment

Welcome to The 12 Week Binge Eating Recovery Program, the self-paced, online course that offers weekly support to help you overcome binge eating disorder and achieve food freedom. Our program delves into the root causes of binge eating, whether it be emotional eating or a food addiction, and provides a holistic approach to eliminating the addictive brain chemistry that keeps you trapped. With our program, you'll learn how to recognize and change the patterns that lead to binge eating, and receive the support and guidance you need to break free from the cycle of binge eating and achieve true fulfillment. Join us on the journey to overcoming binge eating and reclaim your life.

Your Transformation Will Progress 
Through 3 Levels

LEVEL 1 Foundation

• To balance brain chemistry


• Discover exactly why you can’t stop eating and the biggest secret to a binge free life
• Learn the truth behind food addiction and how to avoid being a statistic
Stop the cycle of addiction, without harsh drugs, psychotherapy or restrictive dieting
• Learn scientific discoveries for lifelong recovery that conventional medicine refuses to talk about
• Understand the 12 main causes of food cravings, binge eating, bad moods and stubborn weight
• Become aware of the top 6 foods linked to addictive behaviors and poor mental health


Stop cravings, so that binge eating is non-existent
Stop binge eating without willpower
• Discover the power of choice that is now available to you
• Uncover the 3 proven tools for complete repair of the brains centers responsible for feelings of pleasure, cravings, obsession and impulsivity
Discover your unique biochemical brain type to Food Addiction
• Customize, test and implement your 12-week recovery plan for success


• Discover in depth, scientific proof behind why each brain type specifically eats for pleasure or relief and dive into the chemistry of: calm, energy, willpower, happiness, and comfort
• Identify natural solutions to each brain type and how to easily apply each step to you
Find yourself underneath the layers of addiction
• Experience mental and emotional stability for the first time in a long time
• Feel in control over what you eat and be able to stop eating at the moment of contentment
• Finish eating with a sense of ease, lightness and nourishment
• Gain insight into the possibility of now eating your previous binge foods in moderation
• Discover many ‘Aha’ moments to recovery
• Naturally feel: energy, drive, motivation, willpower, discipline, calm, grounded, easy-going, peaceful, happy, positive, open minded, kind, comforted, joyful emotionally and mentally stable


• Historical and Modern Dieting and its effects on health
• The 3 Medicinal Nutrients essential for recovery
• Helpful shopping and kitchen tips that meet your budget, your time and your lifestyle
• Recommended 12 week Eating for Recovery Guide to finalize biochemical restoration

LEVEL 2 Advanced

• To restore biological functioning


Assess the state of health of your body’s main systems: digestive, immune, hormonal, urinary, cardiovascular and endocrine
• Discover the connection between imbalances within your body’s main systems to mental health and addictions, and how to holistically restore balance to each one
• Uncover solutions to stubborn health problems, and utilize tests and treatments that anyone can do
• Experience zero heartburn, zero inflammation, great sleep and a lifted, high vibrational spirit
• Gain insight into commonly prescribed medications and why they cause more harm than good and what to use instead

LEVEL 3 Transcendence

• To alchemize the self and transcend the soul


• Access The Change Formula to achieve any goal
Stop limiting beliefs that keep you in a state of judgement and shame
Gain confidence, lose weight, and feel happy and at peace with yourself every single day
• Learn how to truly and genuinely love yourself and be a positive person
Feel seen, heard, respected, valuable and cared for, on a deep level
• Be able to now spend quality time with others, completely engaged and present
• Discover your true purpose, gain insight into living a more harmonious life and become your best self

The Binge Eating Recovery Program 
Is For You If You Are Tired Of...

• Food hangovers
• Eating for no reason, or ANY reason
• Feeling possessed and obsessed about food as if there’s a greater power taking over you
• Uncontrollable cravings that make you impulsively eat obnoxious amounts of food in a short period of time
• Guilt, shame, embarrassment, disappointment and hatred towards yourself
• Feeling insecure, undesirable, unattractive and repulsed in your own skin that you just want to hide
• Feeling misunderstood by others, even your doctor, about your relationship with food
• Feeling unfulfilled with your life’s purpose and sensing like you let your loved ones down
• Intense mood swings, emotional eating, anxiety and/or depression
• Yo-yo dieting (lose weight, gain weight, diet, repeat)
• The all or nothing mentality, there is no such thing as moderation
• Feeling let down, hopeless and like a complete failure by conventional solutions that haven’t helped long term (therapy, dieting, medication, intuitive eating, journalling, hypnotherapy, willpower, distraction, etc.)
• Feeling like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and are at a complete loss
• Feeling like a cold, bitter, resentful person because you now believe that there’s no solution for you

Of The Binge Eating Recovery Program


Get and stay sober by breaking the biochemical chains to food enslavement. Living a sober life is the best decision that you can ever make. Permanent recovery is impossible
 without first repairing addictive brain chemistry



Master of your emotions. Tap into the chemistry of calm, positivity, confidence and resiliency to improve self perception and relationships with others


Breakthrough limitations and kick your health into high gear so you're able to enjoy the abundant life you deserve. Quickly accomplish tasks with the energy, drive, motivation and enthusiasm that is now naturally neurochemically available to you 


Gain clarity in your purpose, find soul satisfaction and develop new core beliefs.
 Live each day as your most authentic self to reach your highest potential and radically change your life 

Stop Biochemically Based Food Addiction 
& Get YOU Back

98% Of Students Report Food Freedom:

 "I Now Have Control Over Food, I Now Have Control Over My Life!"

Meet Your Coach

Uncover the root causes of your binge eating disorder and food addiction naturally, with Amy - The Binge Eating Recovery Coach. Achieve lasting recovery and rediscover your best self with her biochemically-based approach.

Say goodbye to guilt, shame, and low self-esteem as you overcome binge eating with the support and guidance within The Binge Eating Recovery Program. Amy will help you transform your body, mind and soul to reach your full potential.


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