2. 4 Theories That Binge Eating Is Not!
Written by Amy Morton on May 12, 2020
Below is a list of some of the most common theories, conclusions and points of view that we make about binge eating that aren't actually true.

1. “Just have some willpower!”
Come on, how many times have we heard this already? I remember friends telling me this after another night of binge-eating while feeling the intense regret and guilt that followed after each binge. As much as we want to blame ourselves for our uncontrollable binging due to our inability to “just say no” after a few bites, research shows that you, me and 250 million other Americans are subjected to helpless victimization due to the way food is made in this modern era, and that actually no amount of willpower, discipline or motivation can overcome it.

2. “You’re just damaged”
Are you like the majority and have gone through extensive psychotherapy sessions time and time again only to feel worse about your issues and are encouraged to relive these experiences in order to overcome them, yet, you still reach for food to numb feelings of sadness, stress or loneliness to finally achieve a state of comfort? Unfortunately, these techniques often only work short-term and don’t address the root cause. However, psychotherapy definitely has its benefits later down the road once the root cause is managed and not until the brain’s mood and appetite regulation systems are balanced as well. This is all because binge-eating specialists are looking at the emotional side only, instead of the physiological side, which, when we change our biochemistry and our brains reward pleasure centers, beating binge eating all becomes possible.

3. “I just don’t have time!”
How many times have you caught yourself feeling guilty from throwing out all your rotten, healthy food in the fridge that you swore you were going to cook and eat instead of your favorite binge meal, but ended up just picking up fast food after work because you were too damn tired and don’t have the time to cook healthy meals!? The truth is, skipping meals and going too long between meals without eating is a part of what makes you crave these foods in the first place and eating “junk” food or “modern food technology” is what makes you too exhausted and hungover to cook that healthy food you had planned to substitute in the first place.

4. “I just need to workout!”
“I just need to exercise and go back to the gym then ill be able to lose weight”. We say these things to ourselves with deep seated uncertainty that we can achieve it even though we are “serious this time”. “Okay, Tomorrow is day 1 of eating healthy!” is what I’d tell myself just before my last binge, yet this cycle has happened hundreds of times already, although sometimes with some success. In reality, we find ourselves stuck in this endless trap because we haven’t addressed the issue that is causing our binge eating urges, and that is to eradicate our cravings. In addition, weight loss can’t be achieved permanently without eliminating cravings first. Once cravings are eliminated and our brain and biochemistry are balanced, then dietary changes and weight loss can be made with a surprising amount of ease.

The truth is, I’ve struggled with binge-eating for the majority of my life and I’ve tried and researched just about every diet, mind hack and workout regime out there, all to lead me back through the viscous cycle of binge-eating, feeling of regret, self-sabotage and hopelessness. However, once discovering how to change my biochemistry and address the root cause of the issue, which no one else seems to do, it all changed. 

Amy Morton

Amy Morton helps people overcome food addiction and binge eating for good. She is an expert at helping women rid this debilitating condition by addressing the root cause, something that's neglected in conventional approaches.
If you're interested in finally overcoming this issue forever, having a healthy relationship with both food and yourself for the first time in a long time, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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