We help women stop binge eating within 1 week 

The binge eating recovery coach breaks food addiction down into its simplest form and uncovers the reasons millions of women aren’t recovering. She coaches women 1:1 to restore their brains biochemistry so that we can finally stop binge eating for good.

Amy Morton aka The Binge Eating Recovery Coach debunks the reasons we don’t recover from both food addiction and binge eating by using a system that repeatedly gets her clients results within 1-7 days.

Get solutions that have been proven to balance our brain chemistry which allows us to stop binge eating, food cravings, unstable moods and excess weight.

We help desperate binge-eaters that have tried everything

This accounts for 99% of victims to food addiction. Controlled by irresistible food cravings, repeating predictable patterns of cravings, binge eating, guilt, shame, regret and disgust. Broken promises and emotional instability snowball into more self hatred when excess weight uncontrollably perpetuates, taking over their entire livelihood. 

Become normal eaters with food

This accounts for 1% of victims to food addiction. They eat for pure nourishment alone and naturally stop eating before the feeling of fullness. Their relationship with food, mood and weight have reached a new level of stability and effortless living. You won’t find them hiding away at home, but out living their lives with a sense of freedom, confidence and enjoyment.

From who you are, to who you want to become. We help you bridge this gap

Here’s how it works

At the binge eating recovery coach we don’t follow the common practice of putting a band aid over the symptoms and then sending you on your way. Instead, we address the root causes beneath the symptoms so that the symptoms don’t exist in the first place. This is a very unconventional approach that is Amy’s secret weapon to recovery. We provide you with everything you need to stop binge eating. 
We are a 1:1 done WITH you service and our job isn’t finished until you get results.

The root cause
Most therapies and recovery options focus on treating the symptoms only, this leaves clients helpless, confused and frustrated. To stop binge eating completely, we need to address the root causes beneath the symptoms. These root causes are based in our biochemistry.

Holistic approach
25-page long assessments examine all underlying, interconnected parts of the brain and body to determine the root cause. This also provides a visual before and after snapshot of our biochemical progress throughout the program.

Brain repair
Safe, natural brain targeted biochemicals are temporarily used in the form of food and supplements to fully restore areas of the brain responsible for food addiction. Once incorporated, cravings are eliminated, then an easy to follow, non restrictive food guide and personalized refueling plan are incorporated which allow for a life free from binging, moodiness and obesity. Initial results are typical within 1 day to 1 week. 
Weekly check-ins via a mini assessment are completed to guarantee biochemical restoration.

Alchemy of self
A bonus feature that actualizes and transcends our goals at a quicker pace. Mentally reprogram and rewire our old, past selves so that we can become our new, best selves. 

Tested and Proven

We provide you with results that last. Results happen when we stop doing what doesn’t work (treating the symptoms) 
and instead focus on what does work (treating the cause beneath the symptoms).

Proven process

We turned the guesswork of recovery into a science. We no longer have to continue the cycle of trial and error. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work, track your progress and be guided 1:1 by expert mentorship.

"My Binge eating stopped on the first day"

"I lost 40 pounds in 90 days"

"My cravings are gone. I actually forget to eat now. The freedom your coaching program has brought me is unbelievable"

“I feel better than I have in years. I have energy, I’m happy and I don’t care about food”

"I feel completely in control of food now"

"I feel better now than I ever have taking antidepressants"

"I could care less if I finished the food on my plate, let alone go for seconds

Learn more by watching this free case-study video training 
to see how so many women are recovering from food addiction within 1 week

Are you ready to stop binge eating?

Speak to Amy, Certified Food Addiction and Binge Eating Recovery Coach to get clarity on your food addiction 
and discover the necessary next steps to get the results you’re looking for.

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