Is Binge Eating a Problem For You?

You Could Have Addictive Brain Chemistry.

Can't control yourself around food?
Irresistible food cravings?
Impulsive eating passed fullness?
Emotional eating for pleasure or relief? 

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Addictive Brain Type 1:
You have strong cravings in the afternoon, evening and/or winter
You feel depressed, irritable and/or pessimistic, especially in the afternoon, evening and/or winter
You frequently worry, have anxiety and/or rage
You have obsessive thoughts, and/or hard to get to sleep because of the ruminating, persistent thoughts
You have low self esteem and/or confidence
You are a perfectionist and/or are controlling (example: neat freak)
You eat to get back to sleep and/or eat in the night
Binging on food relieves some of the above symptoms
You have been prescribed antidepressants at some time in your life
No, I do not resonate with any of these
Yes, I resonate with many of these
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