Do You Have Addictive Brain Chemistry?

Can't control yourself around food?
Irresistible food cravings?
Impulsive eating passed fullness?
Emotional eating for pleasure or relief? 

Discover Your Addictive Brain Type to Stop Biochemical 
Binge Eating & achieve food freedom, Naturally
Which of The 5 Addictive Brain Types Do You Have?

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Addictive Brain Type 1:
You have strong cravings in the afternoon, evening and/or winter
You feel depressed, irritable and/or pessimistic, especially in the afternoon, evening and/or winter
You frequently worry, have anxiety and/or rage
You have obsessive thoughts, and/or hard to get to sleep because of the ruminating, persistent thoughts
You have low self esteem and/or confidence
You are a perfectionist and/or are controlling (example: neat freak)
You eat to get back to sleep and/or eat in the night
Binging on food relieves some of the above symptoms
You have been prescribed antidepressants at some time in your life
No, I do not resonate with any of these
Yes, I resonate with many of these
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